Crime Prevention Tips for Your Business

There are a number of simple preventative measures any business owner can employ to reduce crime. Consider the following tips and suggestions.


Robbery Safeguards

·  Ensure that your establishment is well lit from both within and without.

·   Avoid cluttering your front windows with bulky displays or signs.

·   Keep the cash register near the front of the store in a visible location that can be seen by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

·   Conduct bank deposits on an irregular basis. Deposits should also be performed during business hours and as often as necessary.

·   Maintain a minimal float to be kept in the register at any particular time. Place excess funds in a safe which cannot be accessed by other employees. Clearly display your cash register minimal funds policy.

·   Train your employees in robbery procedure and especially emphasize cooperation with the robber by handing over the till cash without objection or hesitation to prevent injury. 

Burglary Safeguards

·   Use deadbolt lock systems for all exterior and interior security doors.

·   Remove obstacles to make the interior of your business visible to the outside.

·   Install mesh covered exterior lights for all access points and have adequate interior lighting when the store is closed.

·   Leave your cash register open and empty.

·   Install glass which is burglary resistant or have metallic mesh or metal shutters covering the exterior of all windows.

·   Avoid leaving expensive items in display windows if visible to street traffic.

·   Use a safe that is not only well anchored but also fire proof. If the safe is empty then leave it open at closing time.

·   Alter the safe combination and/or alarm code with the departure of any employee who had knowledge of either.

·   Perform a thorough check of all windows, doors, alarm systems and interior of the business at closing time.

·   Eliminate exterior blind spots that might offer concealment to a potential burglar.

·   Research and seek knowledgeable professional assistance to install an alarm or video surveillance system suitable to the needs of your business. 

Reducing Vandalism

·   Install good exterior lighting to illuminate potential areas which may be vandalized or spray painted.

·   Clean up exterior graffiti as soon as possible. Try to employ paint resistant material or prohibit access to the exterior of the building with prickly hedges or shrubbery, or even metal fencing.

·   Prevent access to stairwells or other exterior blind spots which might conceal vandalism activities. 

Reduce Shoplifting

·   Identify and eliminate blind spots within your business.

·   Train employees how to identify potential shoplifters and the methods they employ.

·   Have only one point of entry and exit where possible and place the sales counter near the exit. Have your register manned or locked at all times.

·   Use concave mirrors or video surveillance at strategic points within your business.

·   Lock up all small, expensive items in display cases which can only be accessed by designated employees.

·   Do not place merchandise too closely to exits to prevent ‘grab and dash’.

·   Clearly display store policies about the number of dressing room items and indicate that you have a video monitoring system in place. Clearly indicate that shoplifters will be prosecuted.

·   Do not allow employees to congregate.

·   Use bar codes and inventory control equipment and/or theft prevention devices at the exits.

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