Advantages of Home Automation Systems

Although many people have heard the term home automation, few understand what it is. Automating a home involves multiple installations of modern devices that control various functions. While most people feel that something should not be fixed unless it is broken, it is best to keep in mind that this is just a beneficial enhancement. Automating a home results in several advantages, which are included in the following points.

1. It saves money on utilities. These expenses may add up to amounts well over $100 or even $300 each month. A home automation system turns off lights automatically, optimizes thermostat settings continuously and contributes to a reduction in the utility bill. The reduction is usually between 10 and 25 percent.

2. It makes many tasks more efficient. Some tasks are repetitive. For example, a routine of turning off five specific lights before watching television would normally consist of five separate tasks. With the push of one button, a home automation system can turn off a designated set of lights.

3. It is good for the environment. For very good reasons, society is pushing toward environmental awareness. Home automation is the perfect solution for preserving natural resources by reducing power consumption.

4. It provides home security features. While home security is an issue on the minds of most people, many cannot afford the costly installation or monthly monitoring fees. Home automation systems provide a much more affordable solution for security. However, they also have many other beneficial features that other home security systems lack.

5. It decreases safety risks. Poor lighting is one of the main causes of accidents in the home. For example, a person trying to climb the stairs while fumbling for a light switch is likely to fall. Automation systems turn lights on and off in stairways as people approach or leave them. Since appliances, lights and electrical devices are shut off automatically, the risk of a fire starting is lower.

6. It provides peace of mind. Although this is not a physical feature of a home automation system, it is one of the most important advantages. Peace of mind reduces worries and stress. Homeowners who have surveillance cameras installed and connected to the Internet can also monitor activity remotely. This provides an easy way to see what kids are doing when they are home. Kids’ activities on the computer can also be restricted with a home automation system.

7. It is something that benefits the entire family. As families learn about their system’s functions and capabilities, they have a chance to enjoy time together. It also provides a way for kids to learn more about technology.

Home automation systems may also have other advantages that are specific to certain individuals. For example, pet owners enjoy being able to see what their furry friends are doing while they are away. Parents with small children can monitor babysitters or nannies to ensure they are treating the kids well. To learn more about these advantageous systems, discuss the options with an agent.

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