Electronic Delivery of your Insurance Policy

Whether or not you have already received any of your policies via email in recent years, you will see more and more of your insurance documents delivered electronically, in most cases in a PDF file format. As insurance companies update their policy delivery procedures, they are updating their technology so that policies are delivered electronically and most have already implemented this. There are several different methods of electronic delivery and the best news is you are getting your policy faster than ever.

The current trend of electronic delivery is through an email alert advising you of a new policy, a renewal or any updates. You would then log into your account online and retrieve your documents. Another method is that some companies are delivering this to the insurance agency, then the agency is turning around and delivering this to you as an email attachment. If you ever have a problem with retrieving your documents, you should immediately contact your agency. If you don’t already receive your policy electronically, it may be available on demand from your agency, and the best thing to do is to call your agency and inquire if the policy can be delivered electronically. Finally, some carriers give you the option; you can either go on their website to find out what the procedures are, or you can contact your agency.

When you get your policy, the best options are to either save your policy on your computer or save it into an online cloud file account. If you have a backup service for your computer, saving on your computer may be fine. If you don’t have a backup service, you may want to consider getting a Google Docs, a Box.com or Dropbox account. Many online document storage services offer free accounts for the first so many gigabytes of storage. In addition, since many companies are giving you access online to these accounts, as long as you have your user name and password you should have access to your policy. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to download them and save these on your system.

Online document delivery has been the trend for delivery in recent years for banking, financial brokerages, and delivery of billing statements and is now the trend for the delivery of insurance documents. While the available technology is the driving force behind this, it is also a green business practice that saves paper and energy. After twenty years since the internet has become commercialized, we continue to see more and more utilization of the benefits that it provides.

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